If you are due to travel today or tomorrow and wish to cancel or refund yourr booking, please call +44-1234-903-165 or you can mail us on

Vacation properties are often booked many months in advance and the property will be held for your use during your trip. When the property is being held for you, it obviously cannot be rented to someone else. Therefore, like rooms, tour packages and airline tickets, when booking/reserving a vacation rental home, you will usually need to make a full or partial payment upfront in order to hold the property.

Normally this is not a problem, BUT if you have to cancel your trip (especially at the last minute), you should know that you may forfeit a portion or all of your rental fees.

If you have to cancel your vacation rental trip, are you eligible for a refund? It depends on the cancellation/refund policy of the property that you are renting and how much notice you are able to give. Usually the more notice that you are able to give, the better chance that the property can be re-rented and the more likely that you will be able to secure a partial or a complete refund. Some properties may allow you to transfer your vacation to another time period. We recommend that you find out about the cancellation/refund policy before you rent and ask for the policy in writing when you reserve the property.

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